Organizing your photos into folders by date taken

When organizing your digital camera photos into folders, there are a lot of different ways you can organize your photo folder structure. You can either organize your photos by date or you can do it by event, or you can do it using both methods combined. In this quick article we'll show four different structures you could use to organize your photos into folders. Which you choose is completely personal preference based on how you typically like to access your photos.

1. Date Only

The first method includes organizing your photos by date only. This method would result in a structure such as:

  • C:\Pictures\2012\01-February\MyPhoto.jpg

We would typically recommend staying away from going down to the "day" level and stick to the month. This is because you typically wouldn't remember which day a particular photo was taken and therefore you'd end up searching through MANY folders trying to find specific photos.

2. Event Only

This method has your organize your photos by event name. This can help because it uses "Event Names" to quickly let you know what those pictures are for. For example, you might have a folder structure like this:

  • C:\Pictures\Kyle 2nd Birthday
  • C:\Pictures\Family trip to Disneyland

As you can see, this makes it easy to see what's in the folders, but the issue is that you'll end up with a LOT of folders over time and it will become increasingly difficult to sift through the long list of different events.

3. Date then Event

This method combines those above to get the best of both worlds. This allows you to know what the pictures are about, but also adds another folder layer to keep the event list shorter. You can use this method just to group by year, or group by both year and month.

Year and month:

  • C:\Pictures\2012\February\Kyle 2nd Birthday
  • C:\Pictures\2013\January\Family trip to disneyland

Year only:

  • C:\Pictures\2012\Kyle 2nd Birthday
  • C:\Pictures\2013\Family trip to disneyland

4. Event then Date

Similar to option 3, this method uses the benefits of both however in most cases it's less useful. In this scenario you have an event name and then a date specification. This method typically only works well for events that are recurring. For example a birthday which happens every year.

  • C:\Pictures\Bob Birthday\2011
  • C:\Pictures\Bob Birthday\2012
  • C:\Pictures\Bob Birthday\2013

As mentioned, it works great for situations where the event is recurring, but for one time events it adds unnecessary additional folders.

Photos2Folders supports the ability to customize the folders which it uses to organize your photos. This allows you to pick from any of the folder structures above and have our free software organize the photos to match this structure. If you haven't already, download the application and give it a try!

Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions for folder structures!

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