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Photos2Folders is a simple utility designed to help you organize your digital camera photos into an organized set of folders. It was designed to help you take all your disorganized folders and merge them into a single photo repository. Best of all… it’s free and open source!
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Photo Organizing Software

Many applications are available to tag, sort, rename, and categorize your photos, but all of them tend to make it difficult to use your photos in other applications. Photos2Folders is a utility designed to keep it simple by organizing your photos in a set of folders you can easily access, allowing you to quickly find the photo you are looking for in ANY application.
The second problem that Photos2Folders aims to solve is the duplicate photo issue. Most of us have 10 folders which contain a pile of pictures and some of those folders might contain duplicates of the same pictures… but we’re not really sure which ones are which. Photos2Folders identifies the duplicates and helps you ensure you don’t end up with 10 copies of the same picture in your organized photos.